Gulliver 57 Classic


In the Classic version the Gulliver 57 is a sailing yacht that manifests an unparalleled balance. She is capable of very long stays at sea, in her maximum comfort, she is equally able to guarantee unsuspected sailing performance for an offshore cruiser like this.

The Gulliver 57 Classic is equipped to navigate easily, anywhere and in any weather condition. Everything on board is designed for this: from the anchor locker capable of holding more than 100 meters of chain, to the technical room; from the 30 square meter saloon to the stern platform, capable of simultaneously offering the highest safety standards and a beach area that has no equal.

Built in a completely custom way, like all the models of the shipyard, she satisfies all the needs of the owner, transforming the days spent at sea into pure satisfaction and comfort, like the one that only a tailor-made suit can give.

The insulation techniques used to internally insulate the aluminum also ensure exceptional results, both in terms of thermal and acoustic performance.



Data Sheet

Design:  Lombard, Valenti, Gullotta

Over All Lenght:  18.60m

Hull Lenght: 17.50m

Waterline Lenght: 17.41m

Maximum Beam: 5.17m

Draft: 1.7 - 3.5m lifting keel

Displacemant: 17.000 Kg

Ballast: 4.300 Kg

Constructions material: Aluminum 5083H111

Water tank : 800 It

Diesel tank: 450 It + daily 90 It


P: 22.50 m

IG: 22.80 m

ISP: 25.70 m

E: 7.00 m

J: 7.14 m°

Main Sail:  95 m°

Genoa: 92 m°

Gennaker: 285 m°


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