Gulliver 57 Performance


The Gulliver 57 Performance was born from the pencil of Marc Lombard, with a chine hull and an aluminum construction that brings the overall displacement to only 15 tons.

With a total sail plan offering 193 square meters of sail area, plus another 295 square meters of gennaker, this yacht delivers performance that fully qualifies as a cruiser-racer.

The result is a very fast boat, which at the same time manages to hold very high averages and to be very comfortable when used on a cruise. The pleasure of sailing on a Gulliver 57 Performance is second only to the joy that the owner feels in the design and construction of the same.

Built, like all the boats of the yard, in completely custom mode, in this version she is equipped with a retractable keel that brings the draft from 3.50 meters to just 1.70, thus ensuring easy and safe entry into all ports.

The level of safety guaranteed by this yacht, built in aluminum with different thicknesses, to keep the hull light, is tangible in every detail, visible or hidden from the eye and makes this boat a unique and inimitable creation.



Data Sheet

Design:  Lombard, Valenti, Gullotta

Over All Lenght:  18.60m

Hull Lenght: 17.50m

Waterline Lenght: 17.41m

Maximum Beam: 5.17m

Draft: 1.7 - 3.5m lifting keel

Displacemant: 15.700 Kg

Ballast: 4.300 Kg

Constructions material: Aluminum 5083H111

Water tank : 400 It

Diesel tank: 450 It + daily 90 It


P: 23.10 m

IG: 22.80 m

ISP: 25.70 m

E: 7.35 m

J: 7.14m°

Main Sail: 101 m°

Genoa: 92 m°

Gennaker:  330 m°


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