Gulliver 57 Ocean


The pleasure of living aluminum. The Ocean is the ocean version, it is distinguished by the hull in live aluminum without paint. On board, everything is designed to sail for many miles, from the equipment for alternative recharging energy: 220V electricity generator powered by diesel, wind generator, powered by wind, solar panels and hydrogenerators. On deck, the sail locker with a length of 2 meters, allows you to house all the sails while at the stern a technical locker allows you to stow everything: from the power generator, to the diesel pumps, to the diesel pipes, diesel filters, stoves and much even more. This compartment allows you to comfortably access the wheel system, rudders axles and the autopilot. Below deck there are over 100 lockers for storing the entire supplies for the ocean, while the over 2.5 meters chart table allows you to consult nautical charts of any size.

Data Sheet

Design:  Lombard, Valenti, Gullotta

Over All Lenght:  18.60m

Hull Lenght: 17.50m

Waterline Lenght: 17.41m

Maximum Beam: 5.17m

Draft: 1.7 - 3.5m lifting keel

Displacemant: 17.000 Kg

Ballast: 4.300 Kg

Constructions material: Aluminum 5083H111

Water tank : 1000 It

Diesel tank: 600 It + daily 90 It


P: 22.50 m

IG: 22.80 m

ISP: 25.70 m

E: 7.00 m

J: 7.14 m°

Main Sail: 101 m°

Genoa: 92 m°

Gennaker: 285 m°

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#13- Finiture della coperta
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